About Us

About Us

Global Design Solutions, Inc. (GDS) is an advanced CAD solutions provider whom specializes in 3D laser scanning and the management of point cloud data. GDS focuses on four areas of interest: 3D scanning, design, consulting, and point cloud. Utilizing the expertise of these four areas GDS encompasses a unique balance of information that enables our deliverables to be rich in content, well thought through, time efficient, and money saving. With the ability to provide a variety of services, our clients do not have to look further for advanced point cloud data.

GDS corporation ensures the safety of our personnel during refinery entry through PICS Auditing safety compliance, houses our own 3D static scanning hardware and software for deliverable generation, holds professional and general liability, and has the expertise to provide our customers with a unique client deliverable through our consulting services.

It is the goal of GDS to become the leader in advanced CAD solutions. Our Services blend across the ground through virtual environment generation, to handheld 3D scanning services, all the way up to the sky by aerial photogrammetry and the generations of topographic Terrain Modeling.

Let GDS take pride in your project and ours.

Thank you for stopping by and we hope to hear from you soon.

                         Global Design Solutions Team

 What is 3D laser scanning?

3D laser scanning is a means of obtaining a 360-degree data capture that provides a three dimensional view of an item, facility, or topographic area. 3D Laser Scanning captures spatial data by the use oflaser light. The shape, position and locations of objects are recorded by the laser light traveling at millions of points per second. Each light holds its own latitude, longitude and elevation (XYZ) coordinate. Coincidentally though, a single scan will not provide you with all the information needed for your project. Multiple scans are taken and registered in a point cloud to produce a 3D model. The scans can then be viewed withspecific software that even the most novice of computer users can interpret. Industrial 3D laser scanning is a way of bringing a true virtual environment of the real world into a model space for your design teams’ immediate use in your own 3D CAD projects. GDS enables our clients to have all submillimeter survey information at your computer for a fraction of the cost of sending a traditional shot by shot survey team to your site. Overall, GDS’s 3D laser scanning services allow for a fast, cost effective, improved decision making approach to the strategic planning of your project.

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