Our Commitment

Global Design Solutions, Inc. (GDS) makes our client projects our projects. With a sense of ownership attitude, GDS prides itself in a job well done in our office, as well as in yours. Client deliverables are met on time, within our rigorous quality control, and with the same amount of pride that our clients seek within their own establishments.

GDS company president John Woods has carefully determined within his in depth research study exactly what makes a 3D laser scan quality, as well as, how you the client can utilize your deliverable in the most effective way possible. John Woods’ background as a Senior Civil/Structural Designer gives insight into our clients’ deliverable that only a first hand user would be able to understand.

Our commitment to you:

  1. Safety first! Our team and yours are both of our number one assets. Who makes our deliverables the number one recommended 3D laser scanning company? “Our employees do!”
  2. Treat your deliverable as if it was for our own use. Your project is our project!
  3. Take careful consideration with respect to how you are going to use the information.
  4. Deliver a quality product utilizing our researched methods for best practice of point cloud processing
  5. Deliver our product in a punctual timely agreed upon manner.
  6. Exceed previously used 3D Laser Scan service provider’s deliverables. How? Let us show you!
  7. Where noticeable, recommend better utilized scan locations and data use to save you money, time, and build relationships that last!

Here at Global Design Solutions, Inc. we take pride in our work, and in yours.