Value Added Services

Value Added Services-VAS

What is VAS?

Value Added Services that Global Design Solutions, Inc. (GDS) provides to our clients are the following:

Geospatial Solutions using Drone Scanning and Photogrammetry

GDS understands that 3D laser scanning may not always cover the large geographical area of land required to meet your needs, or the height requirement to monitor certain tanks, stacks, and or equipment. Fortunately, drone scanning and photogrammetry enables GDS to create topographical reports, reach high areas of coverage, and cover up to 75 acres of land per flight mission.

Plant Design Management (PDMS) Deliverable

GDS president John Woods is well versed using PDMS. Our company can offer you modeling and design in PDMS which can help save time and money when requiring this type of deliverable. GDS specifically specializes in the civil, structural, and disciplines.

Volumetric Analysis

GDS utilizes point cloud digital elevation modeling (DEM) that allows us to create a solid surface from our 3D laser scan. Our company has the ability to test volumetric fills for drainage control, containment, and slope variations of current topography.

Handheld 3D Data Capture

GDS understands that not every 3D industrial scan can cover all areas required for our client’s deliverable. That is where our unique industry 3D handheld scanner comes into position. Unlike other service providers, we incorporate the use of our 3D handheld technology within our deliverable so that our clients are sure to cover all areas required for their projects. Be sure to ask us how for a demo.

Topographic Survey Data

GDS specializes in topographic survey capabilities that will save your company time and money. Why spend money on a couple of survey points when you can literally have thousands if not millions for a fraction of the cost. Let one of our managing consultants show you how.

GDS strives to be a company that prides itself in offering our clients unique solutions to help cut back on costs, deliver a superior product, and complete tasks in a timely manner.


Photogrammetry- the use of photography in surveying to measure distances between objects
Geospatial- relating to or denoting data that is associated with a particular location
DEM- a digital model or 3D representation of a terrain’s surface

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