Global Design Solutions, Inc. (GDS) specializes in the Telecom markets. With the use of long range scanning, GDS is essential for the mapping of proposed telecommunication towers, providing quick, accurate, and a cost-efficient ways to collect spatial data. GDS 3D laser scanning is useful in finding ideal locations for telecommunication equipment (both the towers and paths), and through the use of GDS Terrain modeling. We can help ensure that the infrastructure will work in relation to the rest of its environment.

Additionally, even after successful telecommunication implementation, 3D laser scanning is instrumental in troubleshooting and maintenance. 3D Laser scanning is capable of determining the size and position (azimuth’s) of antennas on cell towers without surveyors needing to gain access to the tower. The scans are done from the ground quickly and accurately. 3D laser scanning can also be used to produce an inventory of antennas and telecommunication equipment.

There are no needs for re-work, and site visits.  GDS helps provide our clients with a network of all their site towers so that new equipment required can be easily installed and updated right from the comfort of your desk.